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Offshore vessel


Offshore vessel

Offshore vessel is the competitive product as we keep on producing from establishing of our company. We have delivered about 50 heavy deck loading offshore barge to Mideast, Belgium, southeast Asia and so on. At same time, in order to improve the benefit, we start to build the offshore supply vessel and offshore accommodation work barge from 2006.

1.Anchor handling supply vessel




The comprehensive strength of the ship-owner is the second largest one among mideast petroleum service companies. The ship-owner has more that thirty anchor handling supply vessel. The main particulars of vessel are as follows:

Length overall: 47m Breadth moulded: 12.8m Depth moulded: 4.85m Design draft :4.5m. Main engine: 2×2000BHP Mitsubishi (made in Japan)

Bollard pull: 52 Tons

Firefighting system: 2×600m3/hr@12bar

Bow thruster: 5 Tons

Complement: 28 Men

Deck cargo area: 180m2